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Evaluating sources

Choosing resources and evaluating sources

Cartoon of Percy the Penguin reading a newspaperLearn about how to evaluate and choose the best resources for your assignment.

Mind Map

Use the Percy Penguin mind map to consider the positives and negatives of the resources available to you.

Sources: positives and negatives

Study the positives and negatives page to find out about the resources available to you.

For example, books are reliable and accessible, but also time consuming and can often be outdated.

However newspapers are current and also easy to access but are biased and contain only a limited amount of information.

Find out more about the positives and negatives of different resources.

High Score WinsHigh Score Wins playing cards

Download the card game to play this ranking game and decide on which resource is best!

Diamond Rank

Arrange the source cards on the diamond rank grid in the order of most to  least important when researching for an essay.

Wikipedia – the pros and cons

A short video outlining the pros and cons of using Wikipedia for your research.

Duration: 1 minute 10 seconds

Introduction to Fake News

Find out what Fake News is, why it’s a problem and how to spot it by reading this introduction.

Video: Fake News and How to Spot It

Watch a short video to find out more about Fake News.

Duration: 1 minute 9 seconds

Examples of Fake News

Look at some examples of Fake News to help you spot the signs that it’s fake.