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Finding information using Library Search

How to find information at Newcastle University using Library Search

Library Search on a smartphoneLibrary Search is a simply, easy way to find your books and journals.

  • It can be found on our Library homepage at
  • From the library homepage click on Library Search (top left of screen)
  • Type the keyword into the search box and click search e.g. Shakespeare

Have a go…

Searching for Shakespeare gives you over 3000 results. This is obviously too many to look at so you will need to narrow your search. Use the Refine My Results options on the left to narrow your search by topic, date, resource, etc.

  • Refine your search to a creation date of after 1998 choose creator Callaghan and find the book entitled A Feminist Companion to Shakespeare
  • Clicking on the title of the book provides you with information about your resource needed for your referencing/bibliography
  • Clicking on Locations/Request will tell you the library, floor, shelfmark of your resource

Note: You will not be able to find your resource without the shelfmark, please refer to the video on the dewey decimal system if you are having trouble finding your resource

How to use Advanced Search

  • Click on ‘Advanced Search’ to the right of the search box
  • Click on the drop down menu in the top box marked ‘Any’
  • Choose ‘Subject’
  • Type in your subject e.g. birds
  • This gives you a result of over 1800 resources
  • To narrow your search click on the drop down menu in the box below marked ‘Any’
  • Choose ‘Subject’
  • Type in your keyword e.g. penguins
  • This cross-search has narrowed your results to less than 10
  • Follow the instructions above to find the details and shelfmark of your resource