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Subject-specific websites

Science, Engineering and Medicine


  • Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC): This website takes you directly to the Royal Society of Chemistry Journal. This online archive is free to use and holds issues from 2011- present day.

Chemical containers / glassware


  • Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE):This website provides 2342 resources, including blog posts, case studies and recorded lecturers on a variety of topics related to civil engineering.
  • Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies: The IEET is a think tank focused on creating technologies that promote freedom, happiness and democracy. This link takes you to the websites free to read peer reviewed articles, which cover various topics.


  • American Association for Cancer Research: The ACCR is a well-known Cancer research journal which can be easily searched online. It includes articles on past and current research into all types of cancer.
  • Cancer Research UK: Visit the Cancer Research UK website to explore research into Cancer by various topics.
  • NHS: Explore the NHS’s online learning resources to find out more about blood, organ and stem cell donation.
  • PMC: The PMC is part of the US National Library of Medicine and provides a free online archive to journal articles on biomedicine and life sciences.


  • Institute of Physics (IOP): The UK IOP is the main professional body for Physics in the UK, and provides resources to help students develop their knowledge of physics.


Humanities and Social Sciences

English Language

  • Accents and Dialects: Searchable database of English accent recordings from the British Library Sound Archive.
  • Oxford Text Archive: The OTA collects, catalogues, preserves and distributes high-quality digital resources for research and teaching. It currently holds thousands of texts in over 25 languages.
  • The Talk of the Toon: This website is an online archive documenting the history of Tyneside. It has many interviews, in which local people speak about their education, home life, religion, sport and working life, etc.

English Literature

  • Discovering Literature: Romantics and Victorians: This Romantics and Victorians section of the British Library website, explores the work of over 20 authors through 165 articles, 25 short documentary films, and 30 lesson plans.
  • Harry Ransom Centre: The Harry Ransom Centre is an online archive which contains collections related to some of the best known English and American writers of the 19th and 20th centuries, that have been digitised and are free to explore online.
  • Newcastle University Library English Literature Subject Guide: Newcastle University Library’s online English Literature guide provides links to helpful resources. All links under the creative writing and theatre and drama tabs, are open access and therefore free to access.
  • Science Fiction Hub: The first ever subject gateway for scholars of science fiction and related genres. It is based on the extensive archival resources at Liverpool University, and includes links to quality-assured sites elsewhere.
  • Shelley Godwin archive: Digitised manuscripts of Percy Bysshe Shelley, Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, William Godwin, and Mary Wollstonecraft. Includes all known Frankenstein manuscripts.


  • British Geological Survey: The British Geological Survey provides free access to environmental reports, geological maps (printed and online), as well as digital databases and archives.
  • The Lyell Collection: The Lyell Collection is one of the largest online collections on Earth Science. This link takes you to articles published under Open Access and are therefore free to download and use.
  • Magic Maps: MAGIC is an online interactive map, which allows you to explore different regions of the UK and investigate data provided by the UK government related to rural, urban, coastal and marine environments across Great Britain.


  • British History Online: British History Online is a digital library which holds numerous open access materials, pertaining to British religious history, the city of London, international trade, as well as the Houses of Commons and Lords.
  • The LSE (London School of Economics and Political Science): The LSE’s Digital Library contains digitised material from their Special Collections, including material on the Suffragettes, the EU and Brexit.
  • The National Archives: The UK national archives is one of the largest collections in the world, which holds material pertaining to UK history and government.
  • Newcastle University Library History guide: Newcastle University Library’ online history guide provides links to free resources covering various countries, theme and periods of history.
  • Oral History: The British Library’s website holds oral history recordings on a wide range of subjects relating to British life, work, culture, and experience, which are free to listen to.
  • Wilson Centre Digital Archive: The Wilson Centre online archive contains documents and images relating to international history from the 20th Century.


Other subjects – including Law, Arts and  Politics


LawLaw reports on a shelf

  • AccessToLaw:  This is a gateway site, providing annotated links to selected UK, Commonwealth and worldwide free legal web sites. Over 1,300 sites are currently included.
  • The British and Irish Legal Information Institute (BAILII): This an interactive database provides free access to primary and secondary material relating to English, Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish law dating back to the 15th Century.
  • Cardiff Index to Legal Abbreviations: Use the Cardiff Index to make sure you are correctly interpreting legal abbreviations for journals and case reports from the British Isles, the Commonwealth, and the United States.
  • ICLR: This online database provides materials for case law research and legal education.
  • Legislation UK: This includes the original and revised editions of the primary legislation of the United Kingdom.


  • NatCen: This is an independent social research centre that investigates key issues affecting Britain. Its publications provide information on crime and violence, childhood, poverty, education and many more.
  • Parliament: This UK Parliament website provides information on activity in the House of Commons and House of Lords, including reports on inquiries, debates and bills.
  • The UN: UN data is all open access. Its unique databases can be filtered by country and date, and focuses on topics such as crime, the environment, gender and health.
  • World Bank: The World Bank provides data on over 200 countries. You can filter the data by country or subject.