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Game: Proofreading

Test yourself: proof read and spot the errors

Read the paragraphs below and click on the four deliberate errors.

WELL DONE! You have correctly identified all four errors:

  • "There is no doubt" – you should aim for a more cautious style
  • "dead happy" – you should try to avoid colloquialisms or slang
  • "I think" – you should try to avoid writing in the first person and giving a personal, emotive response, try to be analytical
  • "wasn't" – try to avoid using contractions

In conclusion, there is no doubt that penguins make the best pets. This is backed up by Johnston, (2016) arguing that they are sociable birds who are dead happy when they are with their humans.

I wasn't convinced by Dunn's (2012) view that they were angry and snappy and Harding (2004) that they were atrocious pets due to their smell.

Clearly, due to their black and white markings, sociable nature and parenting instincts I think penguins are the best pets.