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Example questions

Example questions

Below is a list of the past questions that encourage a more analytical and evaluative approach and may help you to think of your own question.

How far is the rivalry between Newcastle United football club and Sunderland football club influenced by economic tensions between the two cities?

To what extent does fashion influence Western culture?

Could the introduction of a limited form of Sharia law be beneficial to the UK?

In what ways does ‘La Grande Illusion’ support the theory that ‘social status overrules nationality’?

Are women more emotionally intelligent than men?

“Hitler’s decision to open a second front against USSR was the main reason for his defeat”. To what extent do you agree with this statement?

To what extent are English beliefs reflected in the Harry Potter books?

Is the over-use of anti-biotics leading to their inefficiency?

Do environmental or genetic factors influence appetite more?

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